Home News URBAN-X by MINI Invites Climate Tech Innovators With Potential to Join Its Newest Cohort

URBAN-X by MINI Invites Climate Tech Innovators With Potential to Join Its Newest Cohort

URBAN-X by MINI Invites Climate Tech Innovators With Potential to Join Its Newest Cohort

URBAN-X, the platform by MINI for climate and urban technology startups, has announced its 12th cohort in partnership with leading venture capital firm JVP. The ten high-impact startups in this cohort will help drive greener manufacturing and real estate planning, expand EV charging access, improve the surveying and monitoring of buildings, and more.

Over the past year, both public and private sectors have committed significant capital to accelerate our country’s climate goals. The Inflation Reduction Act, for instance, allocated $369 billion for clean technology development, and despite a decline in overall market transactions by 24 percent, climate-related investments increased by 6.6 percent. Arming climate tech startups with the resources to scale is crucial to continuing to tackle the climate crisis head on, and URBAN-X is working to fuel this next generation of innovators.

Through the cohort’s four-month program, startups will receive tailored trainings in ESG, go-to-market, storytelling, and more, as well as seminars, and guidance from URBAN-X. They will also have the opportunity to work with top-tier design, engineering, and brand experts to help them refine and scale their solutions for the commercial market. Additionally, startups will gain access to JVP’s expansive global network, which includes investors, industrial leaders, and other entrepreneurs.

“We’re thrilled to be launching the newest cohort of climate tech startups as part of our URBAN-X program.” said Mike Peyton, President of MINI Business Innovations LLC, and Vice President of MINI of the Americas. “MINI was founded on innovating sustainable mobility for city dwellers and today, we’re committed to driving positive change in urban environments. Supporting the next generation of climate tech founders and startups is essential in achieving this mission and helping our country reach its climate goals”.

“Cohort 12 includes some of the most inventive and devoted technologists we have seen throughout the years,” said Johan Schwind, Managing Director of URBAN-X. “As calls for climate action grow louder across the globe, we are excited to work alongside these changemakers and support them in bringing their visions to life across our cities.”

Since 2016, URBAN-X has supported more than 80 startups spanning 14 countries to address complex challenges facing cities. To date, URBAN-X has helped to enable startups to collectively raise over $440M, from seed to Series B, alongside four company exits.

The complete list of URBAN-X Cohort 12 companies include:

  • Carbon Blue: Developing marine calcium looping technology that removes CO2 from our oceans and returns calcium to maintain the ocean’s natural chemical composition. (Tel Aviv, Israel)
  • ClimateView: Software development company for cities working on monitoring and visualization tools for greenhouse gas emissions. (Stockholm, Sweden)
  • Dryad: Provides ultra-early forest fire detection as well as health and growth monitoring solutions for public and private forests. (Berlin, Germany)
  • factoRee: Focused on helping tens of thousands of factories better manage their emission-reduction processes by guiding COOs and site managers toward greener production processes and products, including using materials more efficiently, minimizing energy and waste, and replacing raw materials and energy sources. (Tel Aviv, Israel)
  • FunForm: Making building envelope retrofits simple and scalable. (New York)
  • Gentian: Leverages remote sensing data and proprietary machine learning models to accelerate the speed of ecological surveying while drastically reducing cost. This allows for precise biodiversity assessments and monitoring in the development of the lifecycle buildings–an increasingly important aspect of real estate management. (London)
  • itselectric: Scalable curbside EV charging purpose-built to accelerate the transition to electrified urban transportation. (New York City)
  • Novele: Designs, manufactures, and sells energy storage solutions for dense urban environments. The first product, Energy Board, is an ultra-thin space saving energy storage solution designed for scaled applications in buildings of all types. (New York City)
  • Seam Social Labs: Enterprise AI solution to transform community feedback to insights for urban planning and design teams. (New York City)
  • Urban Dashboard: Replaces outdated practices and revolutionizes the way real estate professionals plan their next projects with its data-driven SaaS platform for early-stage planning optimization. (Tel Aviv, Israel)